Code of Ethics:

Each of the suppliers which work with Pin 2 plane sourcing ltd comply with this code of Ethics. It is an absolute prerequisite. Pin 2 Plane sourcing is continually expanding monitoring systems, in the form of audits carried out by independent bodies, to verify that this code is indeed being observed. Supplier found not operating within these guidelines are given a strict time frame to comply, or our relationship with them is severed. Our goal is to be certain that our customers can feel confident with their corporate image on a global scale.


Child labor:

Human Rights:

Worker Respect:

All P2P factories must:

  • For each worker, have official documents certifying their age and date of birth.
  • In countries where there are no official documents, the factory must obtain appropriate means to confirm the age, using a reliable method.
  • P2P suppliers only employ workers who have reached the
  • legal age in force.

All P2P Suppliers must:

  • Employ their workers according to their capability to carry out the work required, independent of any other criterion.
  • Comply with all child labor laws, including that relating to:
  • Recruitment,
  • Salaries,
  • Number of hours worked,
  • Overtime and
  • Working conditions

All P2P suppliers and their

subcontractors must agree that:

  • No product is manufactured against local regulations, nor does the manufacture, or the method of manufacture violate human rights.
  • P2P performs random surprise site inspections to ensure that this is the case,
  • Corporal punishment, physical or psychological pressure is never used and is not tolerated.

P2P suppliers must:

  • Treat workers with respect and dignity and provide a safe and healthy environment.
  • Observe all legislation/regulations relating to working conditions.
  • Keep work areas lit and ventilated, with easy access.
  • Machines will maintained, and dangerous materials stored intelligently.
  • Accommodations, if provided by the employer is clean and safe.